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Option 3: hire a bug-tracker migration specialist

This is the fourth of a series about migrating bug tracking systems.

Option 3: Hand over to a consultant

Migrating a bug tracking system is obviously not something you will do often. Hopefully ( option 1) you will never have to transition.

Since you will only do this task once the cost of a messy transition is high ( days of unproductive work by developers)and it uses a skill set your team does not need

this is a good candidate for outsourcing to a specialist.

This is the Venduco business case. Venduco has the experience to convert your bug tracking system over to a modern one ( JIRA is recommended) on budget and with minimum down time.

I have the experience and track record  to migrate your existing system to JIRA. I  have created a JIRA bug tracking system at Trimble MGIS division; I have suffered through an inadequate bug tracking system at several companies and seen first hand the cost of a  poor IT information system; I have set up  JIRA bug tracking systems at 2 startups ( Modlar, plus 1 more) and I have migrated a software team using Fogbugz over to JIRA at Aranz Geo.

Please contact me directly for a quote and plan to help you improve your IT group's efficiency.

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