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Internship Best Practice Christchurch NZ

As usual, much more is going on in the tech industry in Christchurch than most people are aware of. There is a tech skills shortage in Christchurch with so many  tech firms emerging and expanding here. Tech companies are looking for staff with EXPERIENCE.

As in so many other cities, we newly trained people who want to fill these roles but so far don't have EXPERIENCE.

Internships can provide people still at school with experience as they learn, so they have the EXPERIENCE to meet the skills shortage.

But as previously described, it is very hard to get internships in Christchurch.

Several trends are emerging from businesses who use interns successfully.

They hire interns at any time of the year. The interns work 3-4 months full time. And most interestingly, these businesses hire not one intern, but a group of interns. The group of interns end up working semi-autonomously, requiring less management overhead. The group of interns train  each other the work.

A good example of a school following this practice is Signal. 

Two examples of businesses hiring interns this way is Trimble ( hiring Waterloo co-op students) and Andy, a startup hiring 2 interns.

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