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Grandpa grandpa

. "Grandpa, grandpa, tell me more about life way back in 2019 before the start of the #anthropocene."

"well, by 2019 climate change and biodiversity had stopped being fringe subjects, it was so refreshing to finally be able to talk to almost anyone about it without worry of being seen as a complete nutter. That is what I remember most about that time. It was a transition. My friends and even strangers started to take action about that time"

"like what grandpa? "

"in just 1 year, almost everyone had stopped using plastic bags for shopping - we brought our own canvas bags to the grocery store!"

"Grandpa, grandpa, tell me more about life way back in 2019 before the start of the #anthropocene. "

"back then most change was driven by business - for example within 5 years we had all bought and checked our smart phones continually - change was the norm. Business in turn was driven by return to stockholders"

"fantastic, grandpa, since those stockholders must have been the smart people who understood the the long term and environmental impact , right?"

"Grandpa, grandpa, tell me more about life way back in 2019 before the start of the #anthropocene"

."Well, business was just booming back then. That's how we got what we called "jobs". For example, there was a lot of money to be made in big cars. So many of neighbours and friends were convinced by I don't know what, to buy bigger and bigger petrol cars. It took a lot of resources and energy to build these big cars. Actually they were lovely to sit in so we didn't mind travelling further. They consumed petrol and it cost folks money to repair them and maintain them. And house companies built houses on our farm fields far from the cities so we ended up driving our big cars to our work in the city. Big cars required more parking space and used more petrol and caused congestion required more roads for the big cars."

"Grandpa, I am so confused. You said that in 2019 climate change and biodiversity were all understood and talked. about. Those times seemed crazy How did things finally turn around?"

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