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3 questions to ask when interviewing for a tester role

Updated: Dec 3, 2018

As  Laszlo Bock also found out after sifting through  Google data, its very difficult to predict how someone will do in a job, based on the interview. Nevertheless, here are 3 things I have found useful in interviewing testers.

  1. Ask behavioural questions. Behavioural questions help you determine how the candidate approaches actual, not hypothetical situations.

  2. Have the candidate  test  an actual program

  3. Give  the candidate a black box program and ask them to figure out the pattern of inputs to outputs.

I look at the results with the candidate and discuss them. What matters is not so much how candidates do on these tests, but their critical thinking process.

(this post was extracted from a series of talks I gave in 2013 to help others find the best testers)

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