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How to hire a top tester

📷 I have managed testing  for Telogis NZ, for the Trimble Mapping & GIS division,  for a Hewlett-Packard compiler group, and  managed...

Testers as superforcasters!

It is impossible to📷 comprehensively test a complex commercial software system and still launch on time. Wouldn't be nice to be able to...

Classic books for testers

With technology changing so quickly, we all need to keep up to be able to  test effectively. Podcasts, blogs, and twitter feeds and...

Keeping complex testing simple

📷 Yes, the KISS is a Rodin sculpture, set in stone - but for  testers, developers and product owners, KISS can be something else just as...

Fake crowds of testers

📷 Here is a common testing problem. I am testing a beta or live release of software. Now I need to create 2 or more fake users to login,...

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