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The key to JIRA projects keys

Good design relies on attention to detail.  I recommend JIRA designers  choose their Project Keys carefully. 📷Each JIRA project has its...

JIRA branching and version numbers

Version numbers JIRA version numbers  correspond to the branching strategy being used: For example There are unique version numbers...

The problems with JIRA

I speak with many Atlassian users as an Atlassian Expert. 📷 I hear many users telling me they have the same problem with their JIRA...

Preventing JIRA overgrowth

📷JIRA is a great  tool for developing software. One reason its great is because its so configurable. But I continually hear stories of...

JIRA - why Never Delete

I recommend never deleting any issues in JIRA. The reason is confidence in the system to act as a source of truth  - I have found if...

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