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How to hire a top tester

📷 I have managed testing  for Telogis NZ, for the Trimble Mapping & GIS division,  for a Hewlett-Packard compiler group, and  managed...

Create apps that meet needs not wants

I too love attending events like Ministry of Awesome and startup weekends and tap into the enthusiasm and talent of so many (usually)...

Q3: Tech Learnings on managing change

Question 3: What can tech industry practitioners teach NZ about how to work constructively with exponential change? Those of us working...

Is software quality fake news?

📷This American Life raises a profound but obvious point about truth telling. I was brought up to know that  lying is a bad thing. With a...

Testers as superforcasters!

It is impossible to📷 comprehensively test a complex commercial software system and still launch on time. Wouldn't be nice to be able to...

Keeping complex testing simple

📷 Yes, the KISS is a Rodin sculpture, set in stone - but for  testers, developers and product owners, KISS can be something else just as...

Fake crowds of testers

📷 Here is a common testing problem. I am testing a beta or live release of software. Now I need to create 2 or more fake users to login,...

Upstreaming Quality

Penny Wyatt, QA manager at Atlassian, gave an insightful talk at the 2014 Atlassian Summit on how to do QA. 📷QA at Atlassian, and other...

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